A poke in the eye

Today has truly been a day of irritations.

Small, medium and large. They were all there. At one point, there was a conversation with a senior member of our group, and even he agreed that he wanted to poke someone in the eye.

That someone being of the ilk who can only unspool red tape like a puppy playing with a roll of toilet paper. All very cute, until you're caught in it. Then you look for a pair of scissors and a twig; the former to cut through the tape, and the latter to poke the person's eye with.

It's become ridiculous; it truly has. It appears that no work can be done without documenting the steps, and coming up with a risk-assessment and disaster plan for each step. Where does this end? It's got to the point where you can't move a beaker of anything from one bench to another without personal protective gear and a disaster plan should you, god forbid, spill a solution of buffer. Finally, someone lost it and demanded of the idiot who wanted all all departments to file a SOP for moving solutions around the lab, whether the idiot took safety precautions when the idiot moved bleach from one room into another at home when doing laundry.

Multiple pokes in the eye for idiot! Multiple pokes in the eye!

I'm mostly quite irritated with MM because he can't seem to make up his mind - which in itself is fine, but not when I'm involved one way or another in the final decision. If yes, then let me know. If no, say something too. That way I don't waste time, and can prepare properly for whichever one it is.

Nak mati put tak mati, nak hidup, put tak hidup. Geram hati saja.

Pride. Bah. Such a stupid reason to not do something, but there it is. It drives me crazy, but I'm not ready to let go of my pride just yet. I know TXCWBY would have something to say about it, but that depends on whether he finds this little grumble.

Where are my ninja stars again?

Kawan, kawan apa!


Cabaran-cabaran are sent to test us. But not going to buat permohonan (see pride above).

Must. Rise. Above it.

Other sources of irritation - well if I'm going to go to the effort of rising above it, I might as well rise above it ALL. Maybe not, maybe I'll just join MD's class tonight and empty my mind while wrenching my shoulder socket. Yes, that's what I'll do. The pain will take my mind off these irritations.

Yes, that's it. I'll focus on the good, the bright, the light and that which is of advantage to me.

Pee spots (not mine) on the balcony - this is good because it means that testing is being done, and if the test results past muster, then I shall save even more.

Double debiting - so useful when you catch it 5 months later.

Deciding on the one day in the month when you get all you need - saves time and effort. This was not an easy decision to make, but once made it saves time on the computer, and also beats back any latent OCD.

Peaches that are clear, yellow and tinged with red, but which need that much more sugar and lemon peel (artificial ones).

That which happens between the sama dan dama has nothing to do with me so let it happen or not and I'll watch then forget.

The best things about memory is that under normal circumstances, you forget, and forget you will because that's the mind's way of repairing itself. May as well give into it.

It's quite likely I have bought my last bottle of dish-washing detergent ever. And about freaking time too.

Tiga-kosong-empat. Tiga-kosong-empat. Tiga-kosong-empat. Tiga-kosong-empat. Tiga-kosong-empat.

Onwards. Perhaps the Vatican will be represented next Sunday. I could do with another blessing of sorts. And it's not pathos, it's realism, but fortunately, not magic realism. Could do with less of that really.

Okay, no magic and only realism exists so I'll have to make do.

Mesti ingat-lah. Hari ini, dalam perjalanan kehidupan saya, I tak peduli. Kawan? Kawan apa macam ini?