A Challenge

The challenge is to write comprehensibly.

Then again, what I read is quite comprehensible, reprehensible even at times, but let's not point out which part is reprehensible lest certain people figure out their code-names. You didn't really think that initials were the only thing I use to identify people did you?

I think it's probably best to abandon comprehension.

Owen said "NOTHING IS A COINCIDENCE!", and I say, "nothing has only a single meaning", actually it's more of a philosophy than a saying for secrets are my currency (thank you Hanif Kureishi).

Mind you, the currency I deal with these days isn't worth very much any more, and it becomes more and more difficult to listen and remain silent. Because what I feel like doing sometimes after listening, nodding, agreeing and generally soothing ruffled feathers (metaphorical of course), is to scream long and loud into a huge black void, "And what about me?! I (paraphrasing H & Sisters), I have enormous needs too!"

BUT. I might as well pee into the black void instead. Speaking of which, I shall have to DNA analysis of some concrete blocks because a certain Mr. A threatened to pee off my balcony, then shake to make sure that acidic yellow drops fell on said balcony. If he has done this, there will be blood.

If I had the choice, which would I choose? Boheme (tragedy and tuberculosis), Aida (heroic tragedy and integrity) or Cosi (comical with a surreal touch of tragedy)?

Bits and pieces of each perhaps, but not one of them in its entirety. In the pantheon of Mozart Operas, the men win in Cosi, the women win in Nozze, and nobody wins in Don Giovanni. And no, this last sentence has nothing to do with the first in this paragraph.

Been listening to Cosi right alongside Boheme recently, but I think Nozze will be my choice today. If I can shake off this heavy head that is. Distinct lack of sleep last night, but that was my fault for not airing the room out properly.

From the abstract to the concrete.

  1. I can vacuum my floor again because I've now found my 16GB microSD card which I feared was on the floor, and would get sucked up in my vacuum cleaner. JB would applaud my spelling vacuum correctly on my first try. Whether he would approve of the context is a different matter.
  2. My shoulder still pains me - and if pain is there, then heal me - oops, veering into the metaphorical again - but CB is adamant that flares be avoided, and stress be applied - positive stress that is. Ice too. Till the skin turns red, but not if it burns.
  3. I forget more and more easily now. This is good because I do not believe that picking away at a thought, memory, past experience to bring so called 'closure' only reminds you of what happened, and if what happened distressed you, then what do you achieve by constantly remembering it? Forget, I say, and be done with it. Now where was I? Oh right, forgetting. There, that was much easier than I expected.
  4. The unexpected disappointments of three or fours years ago were hard to take, but it was a valuable experience which helps at the most unexpected moments. Still, I'm not necessarily grateful it happened for gratitude hasn't quite been reached yet. Appreciation of reality perhaps.

But back to the concrete.

  1. Things have to be packed. I dread this but once started, once the sorting has been done, it will become easier. The first piece of decluttering will happen tomorrow. The awful bike will be removed, and all I had to do was put some air in the tyres. That at least was easy. Mind you, I'd better get extra K-points for this. Tommy is as nothing to this. Must also get rid of the Tobias books, after 8 years, I've decided that they're not particularly useful - not even as paperweights.
  2. The plants have to be cut down (started already), and their numbers whittled down - this won't be easy, but one must be ruthless and winnow away. The mutant corn will be the first to go - ugly things.
  3. I will see TE again - and it will be good because it's been over a year since we last saw each other and  I do enjoy his company. He's very restful and always makes me feel good about life whatever is happening.  TE  = 10 points.
  4. In contrast to TE, I hope never to see TFW again. He was never restful, and never made me feel good about life - rather the contrary in fact so why put up with crap of this nature. It's annoying that TFW has become a reference point for things I don't like. Be that as it may, it's all part of the tangled pattern of what passes for life. TFW = -10 points. Actually, one useful thing has come out of the whole TFW debacle, and that is to ascribe to him all else that happens in the negative realm of things. 
  5. At least, at the very least, kali-ni, it was all fantasie a fantasie as Magda says in the dream of Dorabella from La Rondine. Bit worrying that really how things seem less and less rooted in reality these days as far as I'm concerned. There will be a few sticky moments to come, but I'm at least experienced enough to sidestep them with aplomb, if not quite panache, now.
  6. So there you go - enjoy the TEs of the world, forget the TFWs, they're not worth the effort and boredom that comes alongside them.
  7. One last thing - a goal, and that's to co-author something with HK, BN and JL. It's likely I'll get one with the first and the last relatively soon. The middle one could be more difficult, but getting one with all three - now that would be something I would really, really, really enjoy and consider a feather in my cap.

And on that note, speaking of fantasies, I shall let this one rest.

More immediate and concrete goals.

Today, I shall endeavour to give the information that Dr. K wants. That is it.

As the other Dr. K might say about all this, "Kawan? Kawan apa!" to which I can only say, "Ya-loh", and shrug my shoulders expressively (without, hopefully, hurting the right one too much).