Been a while since I've written but I'm back for a test drive to see whether I still remember how to type and spell. Type - kind of. Spell - a little bit lost.

In June I was uninspired, the EBSs had taken over, and the plants weren't growing. Now that it's August, the seagulls have taken over from the EBSs who seem to have gone on vacation, and the sweet peas are finally in bloom. So I feel a wee bit more inspired.

Another thing happened in July - on the 21st in fact when a few of the ICBs were at Cinch for dinner before attending a cocktail party at NC's. At Cinch, DWE bathed me in vitriol, not that I was the intended target, it was everyone and anyone really, but I happened to be facing the full force of the acidity that was coming out of him like when Hercules diverted the rivers Alpheus and Peneus to wash out the accumulated dung of over 30 years from 1000 cattle in the Augean stables. A bit like what's inside my oven actually which has not seen any form of cleaning for a decade.

Where was I? Oh yes - the low pH and corrosive brine that poured forth from DWE flowed around us and scoured those with thin skins but only served to loosen the carapace that covered mine. It then took a month or so for the hard covering to fall off, and it's still not quite off yet, but mostly for there have been others who have added to the hard covering almost as fast as it fell off.

You would not believe the demands placed upon one in the past month. I've been bathed in chemical, biological and radioactive hazards. It's a wonder that there're I'm relatively unwrinkled, or maybe all that chemical scouring, enzymatic exfoliation and radioactive flaying of dead skin has actually made mine smoother and younger. Why. That must be it. Christie 'exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate' Brinkley will envy me.

Anyway, all that scouring shook something loose, so I'm back here to shake a bit more off because it can't be healthy to have your neurons flickering away at such a rate, all the time. Something has to give, and better it gives verbally than an 'sploding head which would make a big mess.

Dissent in the ranks:
The kids are not happy. There're a whole bunch of complaints about their living conditions. I've heard mutterings of 'filth, squalor, unacceptable, dust, cramped space, noise, mould...and the list goes on'. I think though that it's safe to ignore them for a bit longer...but not much longer.

Pathetic projects:
Too many to take care off. The sad thing these days is that collaborations come down to someone doing all the work, and everyone else taking partial credit. I've sloughed one such project off onto someone else and will take credit. What is done to one, will be done unto others by one. That is the way of life.

Sea gulls and traffic at busy intersections. They are ridiculously noisy and loud. Dr. J says that this is the result of ageing ears that can no longer differentiate between the specific sounds so all becomes noise. I feel this is not true because as one ages, one's hearing fails and so noise should be muted and ergo should appear to be less, not more, noisy.

In reverse fashion, I shall aspire to be like little M and create more silly little films. This to owill help with exercising the wrists so they don't seize up with too much work on the keyboard.

TM is out and CB is in. He's also cheaper and hopefully doesn't subscribe to needles.

Mot du Jour:
Backup. I really must back up my data and collect all the Nordion data into one spot. The computers are creaking as are the drives. This is not a good sign.

Must get more monies for the work because what I'm doing is the germ of something that will be useful. It doesn't matter that the funding agencies don't like it. What do they know about the reality of treating patients anyway? Not a hell of a lot. It's in their interest to not spend the money so they can hang on to their jobs 'administering' it, and patting themselves on the back. I'm not bitter.

Moral lessons:
The fact of the matter is, I have more liquid assets now than I've ever had before (and I don't include the left-over wines and beers in the fridge - very remiss of DWE, DWA, JPG and assorted others who normally soak up every single drop of alcohol present. One even licks glasses, and has been known to eye the planks longingly when there's been a spill), but so what. There's nothing really that I want to buy any more, and this is the tragedy of my life. I have spending power now, life in the West is geared towards consuming, but I can't find the energy nor joy to and in, respectively partake in excessive consumption. Sad isn't it?

Plant life:
They have to be thinned down. I aspire to simplicity that will stun the visual senses. So small pots out, big pots in.

They have their own reasons for doing what they do, but as the reasons are theirs and theirs alone, I shall not reason with them, and let them go their own way. After all, good manners cost nothing and in activity saves one from undue stress and irritation.

Calendar Widgets:
They are not working at the moment. But that's fine because really, I don't need a widget that much. Most of the details can still be stored, and retrieved at will, from my head even if it's 'sploding.

This must continue apace, and in fact, the pace must pick up. To wit. The lubricants must come out and grease the screws that hold old stuff together that they may be taken apart (the old stuff that is) and discarded responsibly.

There is evil, and evil there is. So much for it. It doesn't like being ignored, but I don't see much else that can be done. The options are in fact quite limited.

Patio parties:
It's been busy. The bottles are collecting but these too will come to an end. Even though it's August, there's a September chill in the air. Good for the farmers maybe, dismaying for the likes of me.

Little victories:

  1. I replaced the battery in my watch
  2. I saw my doctor about my shoulder
  3. I fired up RN's paper (again)
  4. I submitted the Cu-64 paper even though it was soundly rejected right away
  5. I've started a proper back up of stuff and have even logged it
  6. We finished the first part of the PI3K study
  7. The bike has been checked out
  8. I made a decision on tiles - unfortunately GA hasn't yet
  9. I got tablettalk to work again
  10. My new baby arrived, and I'm taking my time to get to know him.
  11. I e-mailed JP despite all the reasons for not. Sometimes, you just have to be a little bit unreasonable. After all, if you're reasonable all the time, then you're being extremist.
There. That felt good.