In a twist, Mrs. D starts at the G site (not spot) and then moves to O because quite frankly O is just not up to snuff any more. Especially if F buys O too.


Right. Time to do some obfuscation.

Feed is the verb for giving one food. The past tense of feed is fed.

Pixar is wildly successful company that makes animated features. One that I particularly liked had a scrapbook that was nothing like the notebook. Although the latter did have Ryan Gosling - he with the funny shaped pursed up mouth.

Re is one the ending of the third most common group of verbs in French. These are verbs that end with -re such as perdre and attendre (not to be confused with entendre)

If feet is the plural of foot, then why is  beet not the plural of boot?

Taken all together, this is one of many cues to stride away with purpose, saunter among the community gardens, scale the rock gardens of Squamish and deracinate the field of friends and fiends.

Mrs. D, poor thing, is exhausted and plans to rise above it all.

She will retire to Bora-Bora and forever reside in the Four Seasons Hotel there - they're the ones with the luxury huts in the azure lagoon.

She bids you adieu.