In which I take the first step and admit I have a problem...

I'm addicted to sugar. There's all there is to it. 

I'm neither ashamed nor proud of the fact. I shall continue indulging. What? You expected me to have an intervention and create all manner of drama like some people I know who love their interventions?

Freaking Drama Addicts (FDAsTM)

Wednesday was one of those days where things went wrong from the moment I tried to do a DQC run and the software just closed its eyes and went to sleep. I'll spare you the details save to say that it only became clear that the hardware was in a total snit after I'd laid the 18 twitching tails to rest. Fecking machine. 

AL and his cohorts were dragged out of their latest task commissioning a similar machine out West - should have told VS et al not to go with them - and they spent yesterday fixing it. So today SV is on the machine and may it work well for them. What does it matter to me now? I've lost 2 month's work as it is and am annoyed. I think I deserve sugar.

Yesterday I paid a visit to TM and presented with new, interesting and intriguing problems in my shoulder and lower back. He prodded, tapped, twisted, made me contort my limbs into what he claims were naturally occurring typical range of motion positions and tutted a bit at me. It was a thorough examination which took 40 minutes. Then he spent another 10 minutes showing me some exercises to relieve the pain and tentation (not real word but should be) of the shoulder and back, respectively. At that point, there were only 10 minutes left to the hour and I was about to put my shirt back on when he suddenly whipped around with a packet of needles in his hand, and beamed at me with the kind of smile that you see on a kid who's just received his pocket money and been told that his homework is done, and said, 

"How fortunate, we have time for a few needles to relieve the nasty tension in your shoulder! Yes? Just lie down, this won't hurt a bit!"

25 needles later, he reluctantly let me up and I hobbled out after asking him whether he was sure that all the needles were out. He replied by making me another appointment in a few weeks time when, as he put it, "he'll have had time to sharpen a few more needles".

I deserved sugar after that surely?

Last night I did do some stretching then fell asleep for a few minutes before meeting RP for dinner. The choices were pizza or sushi, I decided to go for pizza and ate a large one before I knew what was happening. RP was shocked at the rapidity and voracity of the ingestion. I told him that unfortunately one side-effect of being needled was becoming hungry - that the adrenaline produced by the anticipation of a needle, much less 25, gets the digestive juices going and so you are hungry for days. He believed me, thank goodness. It's pretty amazing(!!) what excuses I can come up with on the spur of the moment. 

I also received my latest pay-slip last night. They have found the extra 15 hours, but rather than giving me an extra cheque with it, they added it to the latest two weeks of pay. This, you might think, would be a good thing. You'd be wrong because the extra 15 hours kicked me into the next tax rate so I paid substantially more taxes on this paycheque. 


See, I definitely should have sugar shouldn't I?

Finally. Today BCF, PB and PHG were very pleasant. I wonder what's up with that.