Greentooth and Blackbeard Go to Hawaii Part II

Here's another picture of them on the pillbox from yesterday - this time with the ocean to the background! How did they get up there you might be asking?

 Well, here's how - they hitched a ride with me in my pockets! 

It's actually quite comfortable, they said! Such nice soft organically grown cotton! 

While they were at JNB's they were astounded at the kinds of bourbon that were in the house! "What a properly stocked bar!", the said in astonishment, "And all for one person!"

 Then they checked out JNB's drink and took a little sip of it as well! Cheeky little guys.  

Then on Sunday morning, another hike to another look out point. You can just about see Maui in the background What lovely blue ocean!  Blackbeard insisted on his left profile (my best side) being photographed! Greentooth didn't care as long as it wasn't a mug shot for the prison.

This time, I didn't let them hitch a ride in my pockets so they had to climb over rocks and make their own way up the hill. It's good exercise I told them!

Blackbeard wasn't very happy about being made to clamber over rocks, but then again, he's never ever really happy with anything.

Then we went back to the house for a rest before leaving to go to the airport. They clung to the window and looked out at the mountains, coconut trees and lovely warm sun, and ignored my calls.

 Don't make us go! We don't want to go!

I told them to hurry up and get to it - and they threw a little tantrum on the ground saying that hey  hadn't seen any turtles yet and didn't want to go until they had. Little brats! I had to ignore their wails and packed them into my bag, and we went to the aiport!

One last ditch attempt to preven me from leaving - they tried to steal my boarding pass! But I caught them!

And now it's Monday, we spent another 6 hours on the plane flying home, and are now on the bus. They sulked and ignored me except when they turned around and looked at me with reproachful eyes to make me feel guilty!