As in being cranky not cranking to turn something.


Today it behooves me to remember that there is no point in being rude. That people are trying to help - although I'd much rather have the equipment just work and not have to people, however nice they are, try to help fix it.

The weather doesn't help either. It's grey and cold. Very blah and my poor seedlings are not happy with the turn of events.

My wrist, hip and shoulder hurt and I can't find my pain killers and I don't feel like spending 11.00 to get another bottle, because I know that once I purchase the bottle, the missing pills will turn up. That is the story of my life today.

So yes, I'm cranky and disgruntled.

Nothing feels 'right' from my eyes down to my left small toe.

There're too many small little tasks and projects that need my attention, and I get frustrated because when I try to get something done, some busybody administrator comes by and tells me that I can't do it this way ("because!") or that I've not done an on-line course for something or other - which ostensibly is to keep you safe, but really is reduce liability to them if something does happen to you.

So much for facilitating work - they simply drain my of energy and motivation to do anything.

Lo, it must be nice to sit and tell people how to do things when they have no idea themselves.

Right then. It's up to me and this day will be a success - and I define success as going home with the sense of a job completed.

Sedikit-sedikit, menjadi bukit.