Aloha Androids

1. The weather had been pretty bad recently. The little guys were unhappy wtih being cold...Then they heard I was going to Hawaii! So they decided that they would go along, but I told them only TWO of them could come with me. I told them these two could soak up the warm sun and share it with the rest of the group

2. But how to decide which one would go? Well, if nothing else, these little guys are democratic so they drew straws. Whoever picked the two shortest straws would go!

3. The lucky winners were Blackbeard and Greentooth! Congratulations! Here they are at Bellingham Airport waiting to board the plane - you can see it in the background, the old man of the sky with a lei around him.

4. After a long 6 hour flight, we finally arrived in Oahu and they immediately rushed to the beach to get some sun!

5. I told them to use sun screen, so they did albeit reluctantly. It's not so important for Blackbeard, he has dark skin, but for Greentooth probably necessary...

6. They also climbed up a small hill and stood on the top of an old military pillbox that once housed soldiers wtih guns!

7. The next day, Greentooth woke up very early because of the jetlag and made me take him down to the beach so he could do his sun salutations!

8. Here's another picture of him next to JNB finishing the last of his exercises while basking in the lovely sun!

9. He then took a little nap - where was Blackbeard during all this you might ask? Well, when we asked whether he wanted to come along, he growled at us then rolled over in bed and went back to sleep! Grumpy Blackbeard!

10. Before we left the beach, Greentooth wanted to show you where he was yesterday - He's pointing at the hill and pillbox they climbed to yesterday! Can you see the pillbox?! Isn't it high? It was a tough hike

Tune in later to see what happens next!