In which I should really take up darning...

People are doing a double take when they see me today. This is because I'm kneeling in front of my work monitor as I type, check e-mails, do my edits, send out my instructions etc. This is because my back hurts if I sit down too long. I shall soon order myself a soutane (by Prada - they being the purveyors of fashionable soutanes for the Pope according to ML) to complete the picture. Then people will treat me with reverence and I'll be able to hide all sartorial mistakes under a severe black robe. Why not? After all the academic circles merely worship another deity, and all the rituals, and human sacrifices (metaphorical of course) are similar.

Now, where's that potion that little durian was making for me - I told him I needed one that would make people obey me, and that he didn't have to worry about it being non-toxic. Makes it so much easier I find when you don't have to worry about systemic toxicities.

I have sock failure today. There is a hole in one. Darn it, and yes, I should also darn it. It is very irritating, but there's not much I can do about it for my back will not like it if I walk over to London Drugs. Fortunately for all involved, it's not a Ted Baker sock otherwise there would be hell to pay. Nonetheless, my toe is chafing, and that's not comfortable. However, in the interest of making lemonade out of lemons, the chafing toe will be my excuse to cadge a ride from SE to go to Red Robin so we can pig out. I intend to pig out even if the whole week was spent eating muesli and whole-wheat bread and muffins baked fresh every morning. Delicious, but this together with a pointed lack of exercise despite Dr. J's exhortations and Dr. C's guilt trips, done in reverse psychology manner, have made me more rounded than usual, but not yet to the point where I shall have a hollow needle attached to a vacuum poked around in my roundness. Instead, I shall eat sparingly, like a priest in a soutane - except for today's pig-out at Red Robin. It's to give me the energy to eat less in the days and months to come. 

For I've received more numbers even if there were many a pregnant pause during the calculations. And the numbers were more frightening that I thought possible. Not quite to the point of having tins of broken mushroom bits with a small handful of poor quality white rice but it could be the slippery slope. 

There was an argument outside my door this morning. It was very upsetting especially because they didn't come to blows. Had they come to blows, then two birds would have been plucked and roasted with one stone. It would have been wonderful and started off the weekend perfectly. 

However, one can't have everything, and I will be satisfied with my Red Robin pig out. Lo, I'm hungry.

Why, yes, of course I am. 

I have a new word which I shall start using. That word is lucubration, which I don't do enough of on these pages, and which I do too much of when I'm working on a paper. 

I have another complaint about prepositions - in particular, "of". 

Actually, it's not the preposition which I find offensive. It's a fine preposition, it does its job admirably. Rather, it's the people who misuse it whom I find offensive, repulsive and generally not worthy of attention. In particular, why do they bedevil the poor thing in a sentence where it has no place such as: "I wonder what's inside of the box", when really, "inside the box" has been, is and always will be good enough. Poor misused and abused preposition, I feel for it.

People. Always abusing language. Not very nice of them.

Today was the Vancouver Sun Run. I'm glad it's over because now the roving gangs of aspirational runners (coined by DWE, not me, don't hate me, hate him) will stop clogging up the bridges and pathways on their training runs. It's not that I mind people out on the pathways, it's more that some groups take up the entire walkway and they don't think about making room for people going the other way. Your aspiration may be noble, worthy even, but it should never be presumptuous. In fact, one should never give into presumption. It is ugly, rude and can get you into lots of trouble as with M, DN and N. Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a tangled mess that was - and I don't just mean the bedsheets. Tangled emotions. Spare me. 

Emotions should be clear like a sunny day without clouds. It makes life so much easier for me everyone. However, I digress, and had better stop for if I don't stop, I shall be doing more than digressing, I shall be spilling secrets that had best remained stopped up. Yes? Dr. K? Hmmm?

Now then where was I? Oh yes - last night, a party was thrown by MR at his abode South of King Edward which has recently become much more palatable to Northcentric me. Keng Edward that is, but not too much further South than that. It was a noisy party, a pig out on carbs pre Sun Run party, except that the non runners were told to come later and not get between the runners and the trough of food. I arrived late in the company of Dr. J and LL. The crowd swarmed around me and I was congratulated because GA had spilled secrets, but I told all and sundry that the congratulations were premature because any number of natural disasters could still take place. 

Speaking of disasters, it was the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic and as is appropriate, the party was simply a-bob with ice-cubes and icebergs. Enough said, when I mentioned this sotto voce to DWE, I thought he would collapse from a fit of laughter, hacking and dismay that he hadn't thought of it first, not that it stopped him from claiming it later as I found out when Dr. J asked me whether I'd seen/heard about the icebergs that DWE was talking about. 

Right then, sanity returns as does the pain in my back. I am now on 600mg of ibuprofen with a smattering of codeine. It's lovely. Everything is all dreamy, lush and feathery around the edges, or maybe I'm just trying to see into the future while wearing my reading glasses.