The Castle

I'm listening to BBC 4's "The Castle" where we go back to the present day 700 years ago. There are sheep in the kitchen and the nobility are trying to civilize the villagers with the power of education and winter sports. 

The inventions are coming fast and furious - two wooden planks, designed to be worn on the feet and used on the snow. Pity he put them on backwards and swooshed into a large tree back first whereupon he gave them a wave and gesture which looked nothing less than a victory sign of sorts.

Oh dear. I'm not going to get any work done today unless I shut down TuneIn. Right then, must inspire some order and resolution into my work life except it's been overtaken by the small riot taking place in the Lord's water closet. Oh dear lord...oh thank goodness - a record button. Who knew you could record the rest of the episode for later listening. 

There, that's an example of the work I do. It's actually imperative that these little comedic breaks take place because it refreshes the mind. Yes. that's what I it, a fluffing of the grey matter, not to be confused with pocket lint which should whisked away by a powerful Dyson vacuum.

Today in an attempt to clear my head (cue rush of Dyson vaccum), I shall put down what should happen in the next few days. And my mind goes blank. 

Reasons for a blank mind: Spring pollen, antihistamines and a heavy dose of ibuprofen to take care of various aches and pains - hip pain is in abeyance, lower back pain is heavily muffled by ibuprofen but shoulder pain is not responding. I should put myself into the CT machine and see just how porous the bone there is. Then also the lightness of heart that comes with the change in season (even if delusional for a while) doesn't help. The light draws me out where I believe it's warm although in reality it's quite cool and rainy still. So much so that I didn't want to bike but forced myself too because it's good for the metabolism and that's especially appropriate because Dr. LC is in town to give a lecture on stuff to do with metabolism. He's flown a long way in from wherever it is he jets to these days and so it behooves one to pay attention to him for a while. 

So back to the question at hand what do I have to do?
  • Transfer files
  • Set up folders and spreadsheets
  • Analyze data and back up
  • Implant 9 CRC07s
  • Complete ACPs without ruffling more of the cow's hackles
  • Finish the report and submit before A gets all huffy
  • Attend snoresville meeting on Friday
  • Delete data that is of not use in this iteration of RN's M.
  • Figure out what to do with BG's stuff

What irks me is that much of this stuff is routine red tape except 3, and prevents me from dreaming a little so that we can get on with the business of doing something useful. However, I should really apply the advice I've been giving Mr. AP and get on with it. 

Some Mozart to soothe the mind and we'll do the mindless stuff first.