So much calculating to do. I'll become calculating in person too. That's the bets way of going through life is it not?

It is, it is.

So numbers, let's delve into some numbers. Lessee...that makes it 0.568% of a mile, which means you could practically run a marathon were you to pace up and down...4577.46x, but if you take the remainder into account, you would have, assuming the 4th one to the right is 6x6, you'd have 51% of the total space for radiant energy transfer, which would increase the photon flux by....lets's see a fudge factor of 0.67 because it's supposed to conserve heat by that means....O. M. G. That can't be right.

But numbers don't lie.

Then there's the bit...7 by 30 minus a bit, so that's roughly about 200 but if you put the 6 pin transistor in, you might even be able to balance a drop or two of dehydrated, denatured alcohol on the top which would make the likes of DWA and DWE very happy. 

Speaking of making DWE happy, I explained the actual configurations to MS, EK and NC, who agreed that 2 x 24 by 24 pieces would probably do it, and so now this means that there's an curve in the linearity of the equations, which in turn means that I've now thrown a face-saving device in front of DWE so he won't have to sit in the hallway any more, which as ML pointed is a good thing because did I really want to have sticky noodles (rice starch is nothing more than gum as Margaret Cho will tell you) everywhere, and crushed prawns sticking to carpet as we passed laksa to DWE in the hallway, and how would you prevent the stains on the carpets anwyay? Not to mention (I was thinking in my head) who'd want a grizzled vagrant in their hallway. What would my neighbours, not that I have any for now, think? So there you have it DWE, you can come in now. Isn't that a relief?

More numbers - there's the 2 x 5% plus the 0.024% which MS is bound and determined to have, and I'm just as bound and determined to delay. So far, I'm winning, but not for long. The other thing of course is that MF has been at me as well. 12 X 3.54; not brill, but better than 6 x 3.39 if things go haywire and we go past 3.39 but not below 3.54. But then again, as SM said to me, it's a moot point, you just have to focus on the 208s because with a 7 you can turn it around, and no we're not talking cards nor gambling here. 

And it's now 820 which means that in another 2 hours, I will find out my fate for the PDX-ORD flight. It's going to be so Ab Fab. I'll have breakfast in Portland with Mr. B who will meet me at the airport for breakfast, and will try to bring Porter as well. I told Mr. B to pretend to be blind and make Porter a seeing eye dog, but he said that Porter has a tendency to bolt when he (Porter, not Mr. B) sees squirrels - I knew Porter and I were kindred spirits - and that just wouldn't do. Then later on Friday, I'll have dinner in Chicago with DWA. When I told Dr. Shark that DWA was going to Chicago, she wailed and said, "It's not fair! You have a PA on your travels again to find you lovely restaurants and make reservations!!"

And then in a few hours, 5 more will be dispatched and I'll be radioactive again. Must get hold of NC. So many things to think about and do before Friday's breakfast. I'll be nice to see Mr. B and Porter again. 

That's it except for the two dinners (not the vitriolic one) I attended last week. One was had by Dr. J who made L cook. The tweedle-dees and tweedle-dums were there in full royal garb. There was talk about applying to adopt plants (my plants), but it may not be necessary any more. I'm not sure that I could give them up so easily anyway. 

Then on the Friday, some Friday, I don't remember which Friday, there was another dinner at RP's to celebrate his new holdings. CB and GA, and M - also known as BC, or SYT, to the SOCK - were in attendance too. I had to bike in flushed in the face, but they were already flushed in the face with wine. I came in and poured myself a soupcon of pinot noir and GA jumped all over me saying, "Ah Ha! That's the first time you've ever voluntarily poured yourself a glass, normally I have to force it down your throat! You are stressed out with numbers aren't you?! JUST GIVE IN!"

Actually, I had already given in by then, but pretended it was the training that DWE had put me through in drinking - especially that Vitriolic Sunday when I started with a campari and ended with martini bianco. How did I get home? Best to pull a veil over those proceedings. 

One last thing, the next day, Dr. C asked whether I had made a decision over the numbers that I mentioned above, but I'd actually showed him a different set - it was an early iteration - and he was driving at the time, so I told him my decision, and the car swerved, and he said, "FECK!" And he then referred to the initial set of numbers I'd given him, but I said no, I'd gone on to a second set, and the car swerved AGAIN, and he said "FECK!!!" even more loudly. 

Numbers, I tell you, they'll drive you crazy if you don't control them.