In which many pictures tell a single story...

Semalam, penat oi. Si penat

But such good coffee and energy bars. Remember that?!

Déçu, la vie est dure. La vie est si dure de temps en temps. Propaganda for those going away. Also the unfairness of it all that you received multiple passes, but I was only granted one. That was in 1997, and in the intervening years, things changed, oh so much. 

Do I regret losing the VOIL? Yeah. Kinda.

But tak peduli-lah. After all, apa boleh buat. Harapan yang tak jadi - well, probably all for the best. As said to the raven once, either you adapt or you accept, either way, change becomes status quo. It's a good gift to have.

The anti-yogis strike. Strike back, accept or adapt. Not very pacific to strike back so I guess I'll adapt or accept.

Wall in alleyway between 9th and 10th on Heather St.

To adapt is to have some semblance of control. To accept is to cede control. Tough choice, but semalam because I'm penat, déçu, had harapan-harapan tak jadi by the dozen, and have a bad, bad, bad case of triple triage, I'll take the latter course of action. Maybe. WTF.

Dream a dream gone by
Oh the magic of an endless spell
Cosmic wonder, mystery won't tell.
Sailing in our circles.
Trying to remember in a dream that lasts forever.

Sweet romance now we'll dance.

Not on the run, looking long, lean and lazy
lying in the sun
Slow down, Jackson you don't have to fly anymore

Not up dog this, but down dog.

Stretched across the sun.
Warming everyone except Neris, who is like the sun, but without the warmth.

Poor little pirate.

In the froth of society, I crumbled and made a resolution - and that was, to be less cynical. I recant it all now, however, for if I have a resolution to make, then like B. Mahone, it would be to stop putting myself down. Not down or up dog, but simply down. Set down. Don't clown. Don't frown.

As a starting point, I will not be treated like a bad smell.