In which Ceria translates into tujuh which is September which is 7...

Ya. Go figure.

  1. Too many breakfasts make for a slow start to the day. Clouds roll in to complete the hazy state of mind I've been in for a few days. The weather is warm (nice), humid (not so nice), but good for plumping up the winter-parched cells.
  2. Mango + Santan was had yesterday and already I crave more. And why not, coconut milk is good for one (more or less) after all.
  3. Work seems very far away yet not. Nobody is indispensable which is something I must remember. Also must remember that ultimately I'm only responsible for myself. What a good start to being selfish.
  4. Who wants to be a fish window? Not me. Yes, you read right, Fish. Window. Which brings to mind the freshly rolled fish balls and noodles on offer at Top 10. I may have to add a third breakfast to my routine.
  5. The best (that is to say, my favourite) kolo mee and charsio pau is found at the Open Air Marker (OAM) - as opposed to the MPO which celebrated 25 years of SM recently . Tiga malam...and all that.
  6. Saw Dr. MJC (as opposed to JMC, her sister - the games parents play with names!) a few nights ago. CC (junior) was also back to help her pack up. All desperately sad. DP now in charge - Oh. Dear. Into the fire. Don't send your blood samples.
  7. MH had his 10th anniversary? Already?! Little S getting married on 101112?! Goodnes Kolo Mee!
  8. It's time to think about what I want for a change. AS has made a good start by putting me in the front of the cabin. Yes.
  9. Fully intend to go to Hawaii in May if JB is around. I want a vacation where I don't bring the work laptop with me. Or naproxen.
  10. That is all for now.