Yang Sepatut

In which that which is, is and that which isn't, should be...

In other words, the GUP weighs heavily on me today and for good reason too. 

The reason? Life is unfair and it shouldn't be, especially when it comes to me. That is my position today, untenable though it may be. 

Life is unfair because travel today is required and worse, not linear. I headed West from home this morning to see the highly efficient T who scoured my teeth tutting away at the back ones, then once she was done ("We have no floss today Dr. Ghost! My sincere apologies!), I headed East past home and entered the den of internecine political infighting. Later in the day, I shall have to head West again, past home and to the towers of Mordor UBC where I hope to avoid the raging Dr. P who really should be used for target practice by the Orcs of UBC Mordor. Once that's done, I head East again - past home, past the den of inequity and over to some promised land ("I'm 99% sure!") where laksa broth thunders down like a waterfall. That's what I've been promised, and if this is not forthcoming (and it probably shan't because of GUP), then there shall be rage of Canadian Proportions which is to say, a heavy sigh shall be let out.

Do you see why GUP weighs heavily on me now?

Actually other things weigh heavily on me too, but I shan't share this particular crate of sorrow/pain with you. Instead of sharing, I shall consign it to its future home (H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks) by way of the nearest fireplace. This could be tricky given that few people I now have a real fireplace with grate and chimney. I may have to have a little bonfire of my own on the deck, right on the pots of dead herbs belonging to the descendants of gollum them. That's an excellent idea. I shall stop by the nearest petrol station and get a litre of the finest octane gasoline available on my way home.

Perhaps I shall have lunch now and visit Mr. S.

Or perhaps I shall think positive thoughts:

  1. The sun is out
  2. No active interventions are necessary, only maintenance
  3. Basel has agreed to our changes
  4. The red and green pixels have been counted
  5. I have no new aches
  6. The existing ones are behaving
  7. My heart isn't skipping beats
  8. I have brightly coloured socks on
  9. I found my favourite pair of purple dotted socks, missing for almost two months
  10. I have Ruffles Chips at home - Spicy Ketchup
  11. Tojo's will open again in 6 days
  12. The pineapple jam was a great success; now on to pomelo marmalade