Well, the weekend is over, and I can't keep it together any longer. My. Exploding. Head. (MEHTM)

A list - what better way to start off the year of the dragon (my year) with a list to relieve the pressure before it all goes 'splode.

  1. MEHTM but not 'sploding from uni this time. Went for a run in the rain on Sunday and discharged copious amounts of uni from my lungs and sinuses. It's alrgiht, they're biodegradable (unlike ciggie butts) and probably good for the plants too (again, unlike ciggie butts).
  2. Rain, rain, rain, but no complaints because it's warm here and probably snowing high up which is exactly where snow should be.
  3. Saturday night at La La Human Steps. Tippy-tippy-tippity-tap, flap - flap, Tippy-tippy-tippity-tap-tap-tap, flap, touch face, touch chest, lean back, touch chest, lean back together, don't touch each other's chest. Repeat for 90 minutes. Yeah. Lighting designed to exclude the audience, so much so that certain members were heard to mutter, "you can't even see the dancers' bodies. What's the point!'
  4. Carry boxes, mattresses, hold doors, close doors, carry keys, take shoes off, put shoes on. Moving RP was considerably drier than the last move I helped out at. Goodness, they're very meticulous about moving. Lovely new apartment, however, although a very poufy couch - but was brand new and the poufiness will be sat out.
  5. CNY - call, call, call. Sing Chiah Joo Ee said to family members. Year of the Water Dragon which could easily be me what with all the uni that was coursing through me recently.
  6. Also end of the year, so good time to put to an end to stuff that's not working out. Not to mention too, siapa wants to be treated like a bad smell. Quite unwarranted. So habis cerita lah.
  7. Exactly or so I think. Who's to know what the fates really have in store for me. I can make all the proclamations I want, really, all the cabaran, all the harapan, all the sanubari - well, deal with it one by one loh. Maybe tahun ini, it won't be cabaran, harapan tak jadi or saunbari, but harapan yant terjadi. But that's already harapan! Die-loh, like that.
  8. Speaking of ends, it's time to put the bags of clothing into blue bins, and consign the coats to, well, consignment.
  9. End of years and things always a bit bitter sweet, but end of year means new year so can also look forward. Or not.
  10. Apologise, apologise, apoligse to BKKB because unforessen and untoward events caused me to be late and run around like chicken sans head, but maybe still hanging on with a jugular or two.
  11. Speaking of BKKB, they spoke to me a few weeks ago about fetishes (big and smelly), but I shan't say anymore abou the particular fetish in case I put my foot in my mouth. whistle
  12. There, that shall ensure my place in H-E-double-hockey-sticks
  13. Lose wallet on Sunday Afternoon. On Bench in Denman Mall.
  14. Go to Coffee place to meet JB to catch up and hear about his uni clearing process. Realise that wallet is missing. PANIC.
  15. Run down Jervis and sweep JB along with me to Denman Mall.
  16. At Denman Mall, useless lotto man - totally cynical and hating mankind - look at us and says, well if you'd lost an umbrella, maybe they would turn it in to me, a wallet ,you'll never see it again. I refused to believe that human nature is so depraved. PdT. Search, scour, nooks and crannies but no result. Despair. Is this a sign? A symbol of what will happen with m y 3:30 meeting coming up with NC? Make big-big eyes of terror at JB
  17. JB buys me tea (strong and bracing) to calm me down. Strong and bracing tea acidifies my stomach then am offered more tea and sugary cookies at NC where there're so many documents to go through. No food since 12:30 and blood sugar low, insulin high. Feel comatose. But. Must. Concentrate.
  18. Then power on Pender Island goes out! A reprieve! Another sign? It's the eve of the New Year. Oh. Dear.
  19. Oh. Dear. (another one for good measure).
  20. Then after NC finally shoos me out, I stumble into the cold dark night with more apologies to BKKB but is okay because they're watching Sally Bowles paint her fingernails a divine green.
  21. Stumble my way to Dr. J's where there's hot tea although he mistakes green tea for orange pekoe, and makes me a melted cheese wrap with stone-cold tomatoes with the stalks still on then tries to push Belgian beer onto me as an excuse to drinky. Then the listing starts. And I lean over and my head is dizzy. I spinning around now. Must. FOCUS.
  22. Bus. What bus do I take home now? So forunate that JB loaned me money to get home with. Mad Money. So Useful.
  23. Bus driver very kind, tells me where to get off because I'm totally discombobulated by this point in time. Was very tempted to fall into the nearby Tim Hortons and have sugar. But sugar so bad for metabolism. Resist. Urge.
  24. Home. Drop everything on floor and take hot shower to warm up. Brrrr. Shiver, shiver, flap, flap just like dancers in La La Human Steps except definitely want exclusionary lighthing to hide my body. Despite not stopping at Tim Hortons.
  25. Phone. It's Little M asking me whether I received the e-mail asking about next installment of Android Story - WITH SNOW! PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEE!!
  26. Then guilt, guilt, guilt because hadn't checked work e-mail for 24 hours - and logged. Heart jump, head 'splode again, because there was a message with this subject heading: Your Lost Wallet....and the message ran..Hello Mr. Ghost, My name is M. Did you happen to lose your wallet? My husband found your wallet while he was working and we tried to look for a contact number for you and I searched for you online and would like to know if this is really you.Please let me know if it is your wallet so you can get it back. You can reply to this email or call my husband at xxx xxx xxxx....
  27. Two things: Faith in the goodness of human nature completely restored and Thank Goodness for the Google Overlords! At work today, I said to the boss, "Well, you're right - there is an advantage to having a website for work!"
  28. Now, head is less 'sploding, but will still go to yoga class tonight to further calm head down.
  29. But before that, must go get lunch gift card from Terra Breads for nice people who found, made the effort to find me, and contact me to return wallet.

No wonder head 'sploding.