Getting the boot

ittle M wants another story about the androids, and what little M wants, she gets. For now.

So, the last time we left the little guys, they had 'found' a boot, with some scattered paperwork on the front of my doorstep. And we know how this was because they'd 'helped' the delivery man with his box containing the Galaxy Nexus. 

Then last week, a letter was sent to my home. You can read what it says below!

Well. Consternation amongst the troops! What was to be done now? The Council was after them! I told the little guys that the best thing to do was to apologize to the Council, and send the boot back. I had to go house-hunting and so left them to figure out how to return the boot to the Council. At least that's what I thought....

But when I got home, I saw a few of them lying on a towel.

This was strange I thought. They don't normally sleep on brown carpets during the day. They're normally very active during the day. Then I looked closer and saw that there was white stuff on them. 


They had been outside! And they were lying on the carpet waiting for the snow to melt!

After they had a nice cup of hot chocolate, and their feet were warm and toasty, I looked at them sternly and demanded the truth...

They said that androids don't apologize and besides it the package was late, and the Galaxy Nexus was trapped in a strange city all by itself, and so it wasn't their fault...and then Bernard had told them that Council couldn't prove anything if there was no boot...

Oh dear. 

So they decided to hide the evidence and went out in the snow storm and dragged the boot away in the snow...

it didn't matter that the snow was waist deep - they worked as a team and pulled it away by its laces.

Nor did it matter that the boot was heavy, they got behind it and pushed too.

But where were they taking the boot? Where indeed!

To be continued...