Foul Play so Fair, Part I:

In which I'm caught in an ethical and moral quandry...

Remember the present that the little fellers gave me? It was a lovely gesture on their part, and it's the bestest phone I've ever used. 

BUT something didn't feel right. The fact of the matter is, I was already disturbed by some strange events that took place before Christmas, but the excitement over the Galaxy Nexus made me forget. But now, they've returned, and adding 2 and 2 together, I came up with with Fourl. Play.

In the first place, Bell the evil phone company I'm chained to was only selling the Galaxy Nexus to new customers or existing customers with upgrade rights., the little guys couldn't have got it from Bell the evil phone company. 

Then one day, I came home and saw a single boot outside the building. The laces were undone and the leather was scuffed up; the striations on the boot looked like small bite marks. Scattered around the boot were small white rags with purple and orange markings on them, parts of an "F", or perhaps and "E". I'm not normally sensitive to such things, but I could smell violence in the air, but fortunately not blood. The quality of violence wasn't so much associated with cold-blooded vengeance, passion or sudden rage - it had the justified air of righteous indignation gone awry. Badly awry.

That day, I walked into my apartment apprehensively, but it was exactly like I'd left it, although the atmosphere was tense with what felt like suppressed anticipation that wasn't coming from me, but from the Android Hive. The little guys were trying to keep still, but not succeeding judging from the little whispers and rustling I could hear. I'm pretty sure I heard the sound of a slap and Rupture's voice hissing, "Ssssshhhhh! Shut yer gobs or I'll shut them fer ya!"

Then I had a few chats with the little guys, and this is what actually transpired:

The Interrogation

It took a while, but after interrogating talking to the little fellers, the whole sorry story came out. At first they weren't too forthcoming especially with Rupture casting fierce glances at the assembled crowd. But I gathered the leaders of the group, shone a spotlight on them and kept asking questions. It took a while, and their little antennae wilted with the heat, but they finally broke down and confessed. It was a Jacobean morality tale of sorts - one which shows just how easily Corporate Malfeasance can drive normally law-abiding androids to extremes.

Waiting for Godot

It all started with Bell the evil phone company whose false advertising led the little guys to believe that the Nexus would be available to all upon launch. However, Bell the evil phone company pointed to the fine print and said that the GN was only available with a 3 year contract. There were howls of dismay, outrage and betrayal. You couldn't get the phone Google Overlord outright even if you were ALREADY a victim of customer with the evil company - you had to wait - a plot inspired by Godot! So the little guys put their heads together and came up with a scheme to rescue [s[]purchase it online and bypass Bell[/s] their Google Overlord. They certainly weren't going to leave their Google Overlord behind the nasty bars that the nasty, suspicious, and evil company had put around their stores.

Foreign Exchange and Smuggling

They found a vendor online (the charge eventually showed up on MY credit card) who promised to ship out the Google Overlord immediately - and in this way completely bypass the evil clutches of that evil mobile company what had no right to keep the phone Google Overlord in a caged store - such a fire trap when you think about it, so Bernard said. They chose a courier company what dresses its employees in white, orange and purple, sometimes green to transport the phone Google Overlordhere, and the company promised that the phone Google Overlord would get here soon, that there would be no delays, that the phone Google Overlord would not be left lying around in some warehouse, ignored for days on end. The contract was signed, and fate of their phone Google Overlordentrusted to the company.